Q: Do I need a fishing license?
A: No. You do not need a license to fish on a charter boat in Hawaii.

Q: What do we bring?
A: Your food and drinks, sunscreen, sunglasses and cameras. There is a deli and convenience store downstairs that opens daily at 6am.  No bananas please.

Q: What does the boat supply?
A: Coolers with ice for your food and drinks, all fishing gear, light snacks and water.

Q: Where do we meet the boat?
A: We depart from our office at The Fuel Dock in Honokohau Harbor.  Please check in 15 minutes prior to departure time in our office on the second floor facing the parking lot.  You will then be directed to the Sea Wife II.

Q: What fish are we going for?
A: Our common gamefish include blue marlin, striped marlin, spearfish, mahi mahi (dorado), ono (wahoo), ‘ahi (yellow-fin tuna) or aku (skipjack tuna).
Possibly you will catch black marlin, sailfish or shark.  On share charters we usually target smaller game, and on private charters we fish for whatever you want.

Q: Can I keep my catch?
A: Yes. We advertise, “Keep Your Catch” and we mean it.  All boated fish will be cut up and bagged.  On a private charter, you may have as much as you want.  On a share charter, we insist the fish be shared with everyone onboard that wants to take some of the catch.  

Q: Will you ship my fish home for me?

A: No.  We can only filet your fish and bag it with ice if needed for you to transport to your lodging.  We suggest, if you have the means, freeze the fish and carry it home as luggage.

Q: Can I release my fish?
A: Yes.  Especially if it is a billfish, but we will bring it in if it is injured and will not survive.  All other good eating fish we’ll automatically boat unless you specify in advance.

Q: Can I trophy mount my fish?
A: Yes. You captain is an agent for the taxidermist and he will provide you with the cost and shipping information.

Q: Do I tip?
A: Yes.  It is customary to tip your captain and crew in Hawaii and the amount is at your discretion.  We suggest 15% - 20% (Restaurant Standards) of the cost of your charter especially if we are cleaning and cutting your fish for you to take home.

Please feel free to call us if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns -


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